Saturday, July 21, 2012

Aurora CO theater shooter had an accomplice

I believe that the stupid jerk who waltzed into the side door of a theater in body armor, carrying gas bombs, a rifle, shotgun, and a Glock, HAD TO have had help in the theater. Why? Because someone had to allow him access to the door at the front of the theater. Are the police checking this? Who knows. Are the Libtards going to use this to try to confiscate law-abiding citizens firearms from them? Most Likely!! Let's not let that happen. Bad guys, insane, and criminals will kill or maim no matter what; Imagine if one or two theater-goers had conceal carry weapons in that theater - they could have taken the shooter down and minimized the carnage. But NO - we have to wait for the police to come - to our homes, to our businesses, where ever a bad guy with a gun (likely unlicensed) comes after us. If we could carry our own, we could actually defend ourselves. And if we can get rid of Political Correctness, the bad guy we defend ourselves from isn't allowed to sue us or elicit sympathy due to "bad upbringing" or some other excuse. SO, the police need to examine how the shooter got into the restricted area. Then they need to either lock him away forever or sentence him to death.

Q: How can you tell when Obama is lying?

A1: His mouth is moving. A2: He's breathing. Can you believe that, after having stupidly made statements about those "who made businesses didn't do it, somebody else did" (and I paraphrase his words), that when Romney takes him to task for the statement, Obama claims that Romney Lied! Obama claims that he, the PRESIDENT, never said that!! I cannot understand how this fraud gets away with this lying behavior. Even Clinton got caught (at least once) lying. If a conservative or Republican had lied about what he said - and we could all read and hear it over and over - that person would be skewered by the mindless drones who serve as "journalists". Today's "journalists" are actually opinion-spewers who feel emboldened to make policy with the power of their pen and the media. This is a damn shame. What will future generations think when they read the one-sided drivel which passes as 'news' today? Obama should SHUT his mouth and meet with that Jobs commission and stop campaigning. But, since that is really all he knows how to do (campaign, that is) I don't expect he will any time soon. My wish, hope, and prayer? That hardworking American taxpayers RISE UP and vote this Marxist freak out of the office. Hopefully, we will actually still have the freedom to vote; I wouldn't put it past Comrade Barry to declare Martial Law and suspend indefinitely any elections. When that happens, expect confiscation of firearms, bank and retirement accounts, and so on. Again, V.A.B.O, America, VABO!!! Vote Against Barack Obama!! God bless!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's the ideology, stupid!

Why we don't like Obama - we don't like his ideology. We don't like his arrogance, his NON-transparency. His determination to make the USA into another third-world country. His commitment to socialism/fascism/communism/dictatorism/you name the ...ism, as long as it is against CAPITALISM, Obama is for it. Before you libtards bother to snuffle "what about.... ?! just stop right there! I'm not discussing anyone else. JUST OBAMA. And why he SUCKS. And why he doesn't deserve another term as el presidente. He has done all he can to stupidly ruin us: run up deficit spending; the stupid "health care overhaul" which really will not reduce costs for anyone; refusing to obey the laws of our land regarding border security and illegal aliens; and so much more. One wonders, just whose side is this guy on? The hard-working America taxpaying citizen? or the illegal, diseased, barely educated, free-loading aliens and their families who come here and take advantage of our tax-payer funded benevolence? And why would someone want all the illegals in the country like this anyway? Can you say "bankrupt the system"? Why, you ask? The better to bring bigger government to you - to America. And the purpose of bringing Big Government to America? To CONTROL us. Pure and simple. Mark our words - they'll be coming after personal protection arms, bank and retirement accounts, homes and businesses. They'll monitor all that we do - why there is already thought policing going on in the guise of "hate crime" where one is convicted by what others perceive one thought, and acted on. The shrill shrieking of Racism!! is more prevalent than ever, yes, even though this is supposed to be THE ONE under whom everyone heals. More bullshit! I say, America, this is the last chance we have to vote for our futures - futures better for ALL Americans, not only the favored of Obama and the liberals. VABO America - Vote Against Barack Obama as if your life depended on it... because, you know, it DOES!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Back to Biz - Dump Obama-Care

Senate: not much to crow about. House: Yay.
Now please, can we get on with the business of extricating our nation from the socialist onslaught called "Health Care Reform", aka, Obamacare.

Wait, what about jobs! Why shouldn't that be first? Glad you asked. Yes, tax cuts should increase for everyone, the Bush cuts should be forever. This is the only way to encourage industry and small/mid-sized businesses to move forward.

The Government can never create jobs in any other way. Every time it 'gives' benefits to anyone, it 'takes' something away from someone else who has worked hard for what they have. Simply, the government has NO RIGHT to my money for those purposes. I am not an ATM machine for the Democrat machine.

People are learning what Obamacare really means. Higher premiums for all; businesses dropping health plans from their benefits pkgs; Doctors & nurses leaving the health fields; none of this is good for anyone.

But this is what happens when a RACIST is in power - this is REPARATIONS. This is taking from - not just the white - but from those who work - to give to the po' folk. Many of whom happen to be non-white and disposed to voting for their masters, the Democrats.

So all of this giving, the people who receive are held in poverty and slavery. They are kept happy with bread and circus - hey, that's how Rome fell..

It is therefore incumbent upon us, the conservative, the true patriots, to dump this hellish disgusting grab of our freedom and income and slam it to the ground.

Uninstall it! Hit the Backspace key! Put the car in Reverse YES! Do whatever you must to kill Obamacare. As soon as possible.

Fight socialism in our nation - make Obamacare disappear from our landscape. This is a true restoring of sanity.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

RACIST ALERT: Taxpayer-funded stimulus $ are for minorities only. Oh boy!

I really HATE Barack Obama and members of his administration, because of his and their ideology of stealing from and punishing those who work hard and are able to have a good life. This racist, marxist group is hell-bent on destroying the United States of America by ignoring the Constitution and legislating illegal mandates.

So they have a couple hundred billion dollars left over from the stimulus money FUNDED BY THE WAY BY TAXPAYERS and their children unto the 7th generation or MORE.

So, workers pay extra taxes and the Government STEALS the extra money that it has no right to touch, the wages of our work, and gives it to: women who want to start a business, poor people, and all the general lowlifes.

BUT what if I as a woman want to start a business? Well, since I am a white woman, I am not eligible for any help. If I was MUSLIM, HISPANIC, BLACK, PAKISTANI, AFRICAN, SOUTH AMERICAN, ASIAN, NATIVE AMERICAN or ANYTHING but white, I would be eligible for that money grab.

This is so RACIST. Barack HUSSEIN OBAMA jerk... jerk ... jerk ... is the biggest racist of them all and has brought his racist friends into the White House. Eric Holder is a racist. Rahm Emanuel is a racist. Andy Stern is a racist.
AND they're all marxists too.


America, let's kick these Anti-American pigs in their asses and OUT of government positions. Let's do it for AMERICA.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Islamic Terrorists guilty of HATE CRIMES

According to

Hate Crime

Hate crime is the violence of intolerance and bigotry, intended to hurt and intimidate someone because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, religious, sexual orientation, or disability. The purveyors of hate use explosives, arson, weapons, vandalism, physical violence, and verbal threats of violence to instill fear in their victims, leaving them vulnerable to more attacks and feeling alienated, helpless, suspicious and fearful. Others may become frustrated and angry if they believe the local government and other groups in the community will not protect them. When perpetrators of hate are not prosecuted as criminals and their acts not publicly condemned, their crimes can weaken even those communities with the healthiest race relations.

Wow, this sure mirrors what Islamic Terrorists are doing to Americans on our own soil, as well as around the world.

If these Islamic Muslim Terrorist asswipes are being tried in New York, under our legal system, the prosecution should most definitely throw the Hate Crime book at them, as well as charges of murder, intent to commit murder, and so on.

AND one hopes that no one seriously looks at the "backgrounds" of these "poor guys who didn't have a good life" or any of that Politically Correct bullshit. These guys deserve the DEATH PENALTY and I wish to G-d that we could HANG THEM instead of letting them fall asleep with no pain. PAIN is what they deserve. Let the families of their victims, one by one, at them for an hour at a time to do whatever they would like to the restrained terrorist. AH, now there is justice.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Cloture vote moves Huge Government takeover possible

Have any of us lived through destruction of a nation? Do you see this possibility? Do you care about the future of the United States of America? Do you care about the future of your children and following generations?

If not, go back to whatever useless life you're leading.

If so, are you making phone calls, sending faxes and email, writing letters to newspapers & Senators, calling into radio talk shows, and spreading the word to your neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers?

If ever the time was ripe to move yourself into action to make a difference and to save America from a growing government and its intrusion and takeover of your life, it is NOW. This Senate is hell-bent on ramming through an unconstitutional monstrosity of a bill to control all of our lives, as well as giving huge monetary gifts to some states in order to cement some Senate votes. This is outrageous. If Congress' goal was simply to 'give health insurance to some 35 million un-insured' it easily could have designed a special program just for them. At a much lower cost. But now we know this is not their goal. The real goal is Universal, single-payer crappy low-quality, mandated health "care" which will put YOU in jail AND fine you thousands of dollars if YOU don't have or cannot afford the health care option provided to you. Completely unconstitutional.

And make no mistake - the government premiums will be very costly to all.

Really - what has the US government taken on that ever EVER saved a penny? The US Postal Service?? What a JOKE! But that's the first that comes to mind. There is so much nepotism and family chain hiring, big perks and bigger salaries, which grow and grow and never ever ends. Ever.

So think again before your heart begins to bleed for all those 'without' insurance. Is this really the best our 'leaders' can come up with? Nothing is fixed. Just more shite shoveled at us all.

Since the vote of every senator affects every American, contacting them ALL is fair game. Obama doesn't live in every state, yet he's lobbying them all for their vote. So is Reid, Schumer, Dodd, and so on. When you call any Senate office and are asked which state you are from, you tell them you are an AMERICAN and every senate vote will directly affect you. Then you tell them to leave us the hell alone.

Be sure to make those calls. We are one by one trying to make a difference. No one is paying or organizing us. I think that should make a huge difference if we all do our part.

And one more thing... can we as concerned citizens come together to file against these actions as being unconstitutional? Just a question to ponder over the Turkey this week.....

Thank you and everyone, have a blessed Thanksgiving day.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Racism, Sexism, Stupidism & Marxists gaga over HR 3962

So I spent all day November 7th with C-span on in the background to keep track of what was being said in the House. The DumboKrat numbskulls had their minds made up, as did the RepulsiveKans. I say this because I am neither. I AM conservative, fiscally and socially, but do see many sides of issues. I just have common sense and the ability to see the bigger picture - the long road to the future.

Been reading about politics, the USSR, the UN, and other issues since the age of TEN. That's right. And I guess I can say that I could see this coming only it happened so very quickly once the Abomination was elected.

So the House in it's "debate" went like this: Women got up and pushed for the "Affordable Health Care for America Act" (aka the Pelosi bill) for women; Blacks got up and went all preachy and of course they pushed for it because they want their reparations and here they come. And the old white dems, they're holdovers from way back when it was fashionable to be a communist, excuse me, a Progressive from the days of T. Rooseveldt.

These people may have their reasons for schilling and then voting for the most convoluted, intrusive, mandating, high-cost, un-friendly bill ever concocted in this nation.

I thought it was because they are stupid. But are they? Well, they're either stupid or good at lying & fleecing Americans, OR they are very evil.

Why these 3 choices? If these congressmen really believe that this is a 'good' bill and right for America - They are STUPID. Most members of congress are lawyers or have some legal background. If they are on the side of lawyers and we do know that they were lobbied by lawyers AND insurance companies - deals were made - They are lying scum and are fleecing Americans. IF they are part of the progressive, nay, marxist, movement They are evil.

Evil is a strong word, no? But that is what these people are - those who seek to destroy the American way - Capitalism - not perfect, but certainly better than communism, socialism, and the cradle-to-grave systems which rob humans of their potential and the will to do for themselves. Our system was designed by the framers of the Constitution to keep government at bay and allow all citizens the right, rights, to do as they like, to invent, to develop, to do nothing, to work, to be educated, to rise high above their birth - and so much more.

Here's the part where one of you will respond with 'slavery.' Yes, guess what, not to diminish the pain of that part of our history but did you know that BLACK AFRICANS WERE SELLING OTHER BLACK AFRICANS INTO SLAVERY? Oh, you didn't know that? It wasn't part of your education? Hmmmmm..... Well it's true. So it isn't all "Whitey's fault."

Did you also know that nearly every nation has had some form of slavery over the millennia? That doesn't make it right. But it doesn't make America worse than anywhere else.

The plan that was narrowly won last night is not a good plan. Boehner made good points in his 3 or 5 minutes. There will be no choice after 2013. There will be rationing. People will die because of this bill. And do you know - I almost hope the first to go are all the stupid people who supported or voted for it. That would cull our population of stupid.